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Blog related posts


It has become pretty easy to create a simple blog with websites like WordPress and Medium. But it is equally hard to become a success in Blogging. Read our posts on Blogging for all the tricks.

Marketing related posts

Marketing Strategies

It should be the first priority of a blogger/business to generate income from the service that he/she provides by writing those articles. These Marketing Strategies will help you to generate those bucks for yourself.

Technology related posts


We at SEOLeal, have 100% tech founders who sometimes find themself in a bit tricky situation related to Tech. They try to share everything they learn on the way. Even this blog is developed using Jekyll and hosted on GitHub Pages.

WordPress related posts


Although Medium has decreased the number of hits coming each day to the WordPress but more than half of the websites today are powered by WordPress.

Social Media related posts

Social Media Marketing

Social media is the next big traffic generator and some company solely depends upon the traffic from social networks, which is huge.

SEO related posts

SEO tips and tricks

We share a lot of hacks related to SEO and how can you rank your website at the 1st page of Google or any other search Engine.

Interview related posts

Employment and Interviews

Sometimes we also share some interview experiences and prepration. Read these posts to get more on how to get Employed.

YouTube related posts


People use YouTube as a Search Engine. You can generate a lot of traffic by making use of this knowledge. Creating videos for your business might be one of the best decision for your business.

Random posts


Sometimes, we tend to write on the topics which doesn't belong to any of those categories. You can read those posts in this section.