13 Mind Numbing tips for Wordpress SEO

Search engine optimisation for WordPress

Posted by Adam Leal on May 25, 2019 · 9 mins read

WordPress powers more than half of the websites on the planet. It's very easy to make a WordPress site. Similarly it's very difficult to get the SEO right in a WordPress. Today we are going to discuss the ways in which we can improve the Search Engine ranking of a WordPress site.

1. It matters a lot to have a good hosting provider

One of the main reason I don't like WordPress is that it is known of creating extra overhead for your website with those unnecessary database requests. This makes the site slow for your customers.

If you want to create a simple blog, we recommend Ghost and Netlify. A static website will always be faster than the one which does unnecessary database requests to get the content.

If you have a limited idea about these two technologies, write to us and help you to set up your blog.

Also, you need to have some technical knowledge for using these technologies. If you already have a website in WordPress than you need to have a good hosting provider.

Many people tend to get it wrong. They choose a cheap hosting provider which makes their site load time higher than the usual, ultimately leading to lower search ranking.

Imagine your content being far more relevant and Google ranking pages of another website.

Google provides a tool called page speed insight . Use it to check the speed of your page.

Your speed should always be more than 90.

We strongly recommend going with the any of the following two:

1. Bluehost: They are recommended by WordPress themselves.

2. WpEngine

2. Age matters a lot

You might be thinking that the content you are writing is far more valuable than your competitor, but your competitors are ranking higher. Age of the content might be one of the reason for that.

Age of the site is also one of the reasons why Google ranks some websites very high.

We have already discussed that SEO is a long term game and it might take some time to rank your website.

3. Never lower the quality

Never ever lower the quality of the posts that you share if you want to rank high for your WordPress site. Google does not like if you come up with some duplicate content for your visitors. Google wants to show new and relevant content to the people who are searching for different keywords on its search engine.

Lowering the quality also means increasing the bounce rate of your website as well.

As WordPress has some very effective SEO tools, you don't have to worry much about the sitemaps and robots.txt. The only thing that you have to worry about is writing good content.

4. Be consistent

Google understands things like consistency and gives higher ranks to the website who shares high-quality content regularly.

It's good to share 2-3 articles in a week for a normal site. Again it totally depends upon the niche of your website.

If you write 3 posts every week, by the end of the month you will have 12 high-quality articles. On the other hand, if you will post 2 articles you will have 8 articles. It's totally clear that you will higher content to show to your customers compared to your competitor.

Our how to write articles might help you with that.

This technique will take your WordPress site to high search rankings in the search engine.

5. Choose text sizes properly

This is one of the most underrated topics in the world of SEO. People look at there website and think that if the text is visible to them, surely it's going to be visible to everyone else as well. Well, that’s not the reality.

I have seen content written in very small size. These type of websites try to tell the customer to go away from the website.

It is boring to read a webpage with very small content. Similarly, it’s very bad to read a webpage with content written in bold itself. You have made a good combination of all those things and present it to your reader.

We recommend somewhere between 24 - 32 be the size of your normal text.

6. Embed internal links whenever possible

Oh, so many people miss this one. They write posts with no links to there relevant content. WordPress provide readymade solutions to link up to relevant content on your website. This increases the link juice for your website.

Similarly, you can catch the eye of the customer once more with another relevant and high-quality page of yours.

Linking to your other pages on WordPress will also help you to get more page views.

7. Optimize permalinks for better crawling

Wow, it's very important to follow this guideline. If you don’t follow this one, its gonna be a huge loss for you. Your permalink should not be more than 5 pages deep.

Each / is considered as an inner movement for the search engine. Do some people use names like /abc/def/?p=32323232.

There is no SEO advantage by having permalinks like that. Use your WordPress dashboard to decrease the deepness of your page permalink to get the benefits of free SEO.

8. Use keywords in the permalinks

It’s much better to use some keywords related to the article in the permalink itself. This will give you more relevance. Mind you, the first thing a crawler see for a page in the link of the page.

If the link has some relevance related to the webpage then they know what the page is about and rank you accordingly.

9. Improve the speed of your website

I know that we have discussed it in this post before. But it's very important. According to HubSpot, the user will leave your page, if the loading time of your page is more than 3 seconds. If your page takes more then that, you are at great loss of search engine traffic.

Make use of various tools which will help you to reduce the size of the website. Replace images with SVGs. Reduce the size of images. Implement cache.

All these small details will help you to improve the speed of your website.

10. Use social media sharing buttons

Social media has become the most important traffic driver for most of the website. Mostly they get their traffic from channels like these itself.

More and more people are reading content on social channels. You can always post content on the social channels to get the advantage of these free traffic providers.

11. Make your website responsive

If your website is not responsive, forget to get any hit from the mobile traffic. Google gives you extra points for being responsive.

If your WordPress site is not responsive, you are missing on more then 60% of the total population, who are using mobile phones.

WordPress provides a lot of templates that will make your website responsive out of the box.

12. Use SEO plugins

WordPress provides a lot of plugins for making your life easier as an SEO expert. One of the most heard plugins is the Yoast SEO plugin.

They provide interfaces for creating and submitting your sitemaps and taking care of robots.txt.

Make use of these plugins and let the technology take care of your SEO.

13. Write good headers

I can't stress more the importance of writing good headers. When people search for something they are only able to see the header not the real content of the post. So it's very important to optimize for the header.

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