Importance of internal linking( link insurance)

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Posted by Adam Leal on May 09, 2019 · 3 mins read

Link building is one of the hardest and most time-consuming task in the process of building your business online.

Domains are the new real estate.

Getting backlinks from websites with high domain authority is very tough. Even when you get that high-quality backlink, after sometime, if there is no update to the website and the website has not been opened for a long time, the page will start disappearing from the search engine.

The strategy of link insurance

The strategy is to link your internal pages as well. This way you are shouting to the search engine that this link is important and you have to show it to the people.

The value of the link is defined by the collective support system and these things rely on each other. For example, if a website with good domain authority backlinks your website, your link will show up higher in the search engine ranking. Stronger the backlink, more traffic will it give it to your website.

Getting more number of links

More the number of links to the page more freshness it has. Even when some of the links are going out of search engines, more important are still left behind for you. Linking to your internal pages will send a signal to the search engine that the given link is a fresher and is needed to be raised in the search engine ranking as one more page is pointing to it now.

Use the link building strategy and increase CTR

Links have a very significant role in building a profitable business. You can run a link building strategy and get good backlinks. Read the following post to know more about this.

How to Execute a Link Building Strategy

You can use one more strategy, that will improve the CTR and allow the link to rising up in the search engine ladder.

Here is a link to that post.

Write good and quality content

You have to write good and quality content which people want to share with there peers.

Here are a few posts for your reference.

Don't overuse this

The idea is to give a good reference to the things that you have already written and not to copy it again and again and reference it whenever required.

If you try to overdo it and without any reason, the search engine will come to know what are you trying to do. It's never good to face the bad consequences of the search engine.

How to use this strategy properly

To execute this strategy properly, first find out an old page whose ranking that you want to improve.

Create a new post with a similar page.

Write some new content related to the post.

Link to the old post.

This way you will increase the freshness of the page and search engine will think that the link is fresher.

Thanks for reading the post. Please share your views and your strategies with us.